Fund the Future - Support Black & Tan Hall

Now that we've secured our building and started on safety renovations, we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to support our start-up operating costs.

Funds will support cultural programs, our Good Jobs Fellowship program, and our sound/lighting booth for Black & Tan Hall!

Your contributions will also help us continue to provide free content such as the Seattle Green Book Self-Guided Tour, including future expansions to the tour and further research, articles, and events related to Seattle's history.

See below for three ways to support us:

Please note Black & Tan Hall is a for-profit entity because part of our mission is to build community wealth, and direct unrestricted contributions are not tax-deductible. Our activities are intended to empower artists, musicians, and creatives of all types; to support, partner with youth, especially BIPOC youth and young adults; to amplify Black culture and history; and to establish a cultural insitution with a longstanding legacy and impacts in this community.

Thank you for your support of Black and Tan Hall!